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DEC offers an array of training, assistance, and support services designed to enable persons of any age who have a disability or long-term illness to learn better daily living skills, improve communication, and reduce maladaptive behaviors while providing support to the family.

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Our Adult Day Treatment & Training Program serves high school graduates and adults over the age of 22 with developmental disabilities and provides a caring, supportive environment for clients to develop the skills to live independent and self-sufficient lives.

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Our Day Treatment & Training Summer Program (DTS) is a unique opportunity for children and youth between the ages of 7 to 17 years. The program typically maintains a ratio of one staff member for every four clients.  A one-on-one ratio can be provided .

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Working with children and adults with developmental disabilities is an experience like no other. Where else can you create deep, lasting bonds, while empowering them to reach new levels of respect, self-determination and empowerment?

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DEC’s Canvas & Cabernet Fundraiser

Friday, February 16, 2018

6pm – 9pm

Here is just a sampling of some of the fun events we have going on during the year at DEC. Click through to learn more about each event.

Unfortunately, with the increased number of fleet vehicles, we have also experienced a significant increase in fuel, maintenance, and repair costs. To date, our expenses have reached 200% of budget. Any year-end contributions will be greatly appreciated to help compensate for this deficit.

A Community of Friendship and Acceptance

Located in Glendale, Arizona, Developmental Enrichment Centers (DEC) provides comprehensive life skills training and personal care services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. We invite you to stop by and visit our facility or contact us at (602) 993-5153 to arrange for a program tour.

DEC also provides in-home care with respite services that give relief to the primary caregiver and habilitation services that expand the life-skills training provided in our day programs. Take a few moments to check out the rest of our site and learn more about our history, visit the photo gallery, or perhaps explore the possibility of partnering with us on behalf of the disabled.

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For those of you still comfortably living in the era of printed media, Developmental Enrichment Centers would like to begin the process of weaning you from the printed version of the quarterly newsletter. Our goal is to have a majority of our newsletters sent out as an electronic document, produced at no direct cost to DEC and delivered via email directly to your home or business.

Switching to the digital newsletter makes perfect sense—both economically for DEC and environmentally for our planet. We thank those who have already chosen to receive the digital edition of the newsletter. You are helping DEC save money, and a tree or two!

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