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Understanding Your Special Needs Grandchild

By Clare B. Jones

If you are the grandparent of a child with special needs this book will help, you realize and accept the vitally important role you play in your grandchild’s life. Dr. Clare Jones discusses the challenges a family faces when raising a child with special needs. She provides detailed descriptions and treatments about a number of challenging conditions. Personal stories showing the important role grandparents play in the lives of their special needs grandchildren bring Dr. Jones Valuable insights to life. Available from Specialty Press, Inc.

Teens with Physical Disabilities: Real Life Stories of Meeting the Challenges

By Glenn Alan Cheney

Offering a glimpse into the lives of eight teenagers who have physical disabilities. These teens tell of the challenges they face in their everyday lives. Following each interview, the author provides answers for commonly asked questions about physical disabilities. Also included, is an explanation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and a list of resources for more information on physical disabilities. Available from Enslow Publishers, Inc.

Special Kids Need Special Parents: A Resource for Parents of Children with Special Needs

By Judith Loseff Lavin

Ms. Lavin was thrust into the world of children’s hospitals and special needs when her daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate. In Special Kids Need Special Parents, she draws on interviews with health-care professionals, nationally recognized authorities, and families of children with special needs to give readers the advice, encouragement, and comfort they crave. Available from The Berkley Publishing Group.

A Sourcebook for Families Coping with Mental Illness

By Michael R. Berren, Ph.D.

The Sourcebook gives readers easy-to-digest information about mental illness, treatments, and services. It provides useful tools for navigating Arizona’s mental health and legal systems. More importantly, it offers positive messages and inspiration about recovery. The Sourcebook is a valuable resource for consumers and families coping with mental illness. Available from McMurray Publishing, Inc.

The Sound of a Miracle: A Child’s Triumph over Autism

By Annabel Stehli

The story of Georgiana Stehli’s triumphant progress from autistic and functionally retarded to gifted. Inspiring parent to defy the negative prognosis of the experts and fight for their children with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ASDD) and Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), Dyslexia, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Available from the publisher, Georgiana Institute, Inc.

A Parent’s Guide to Developmental Delays : Recognizing and Coping with Missed Milestones in Speech, Movement, Learning, and Other Areas

By Laurie Fivozinsky LeComer

The quality of the identification and explanation of the various types of delays and disabilities is exceptional and will be useful to any parent who is worried about these issues. Normal development, indications of problems, specific examples, parenting suggestions, and treatment are presented in each chapter in a well thought out and informative manner. The overall tone of the book is encouraging and supportive for parents who are concerned about their children.

Love You to Pieces: Creative Writers on Raising a Child with Special Needs

By Suzanne Kamata

A thought-provoking and emotional literary journey through the voices of their parents into the lives of families of children with serious disabilities. This professional edited collection of short stories and poems provides a glimpse into the struggles of living with long-term disabilities that are rarely visible to the “normal” world. The breadth and intensity of this collection will astound you while captivating your interest. Available from Beacon Press, Boston.

God Plays Piano, Too: The Spiritual Lives of Disabled Children

By Brett Webb-Mitchell

A collection of narratives that look into the spiritual lives of children with autism and behavioral disorders. The author gives voice to those who are seldom heard and shows us that God is often hidden in the most surprising places.