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A Guide to Special Education Advocacy

By Matthew Cohen

An erudite and in-depth description of the workings of the special education administration process in action, which guides parents through the potential pitfalls of special education, through the IEP process and implementation. With detailed analyses and examples, Cohen explains where the process can become derailed and how parents can facilitate its implementation in a way that is most beneficial for their child.

Bipolar Disorders: A Guide to Helping Children & Adolescents

By Mitzi Waltz

As a journalist, tireless researcher, and mother of a young woman with bipolar disorder, author Mitzi Waltz know firsthand the struggles that parents of bipolar children endure. This book offers an informative guide for children struggling with bipolar disorders and their families. It covers all of the major topics that are of the greatest importance to guide parents and families on the topic of pediatric bipolarity. Available from O’Reilly & Associates, Inc.

Learning Styles

By Marlene Lefeve

Introduces the four ways people learn, how to identify them, and explores these styles in different Christian learning environments such as in the classroom, during worship, and at home. It includes effective activities and methods that can be used with learners of all ages, from elementary through adult. Available from Cook Communications Ministries at or (800) 323-7543.