Past Events

2017 Western Round-Up

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, DEC hosted an event in honor of National Direct Care Worker Week. The event, entitled Western Round- Up, took place at Sahauro Ranch Park in the Fruit Packing Shed. Approximately 81 family members and friends attended the event, with many expressing how much fun they had. The Cactus Wine Band, a very talented 4-piece live band, performed throughout the event, providing just the right atmosphere with their selection of both Country and Classic Rock music.

A delicious hot meal was catered by the Texas Roadhouse, followed by scrumptious root beer floats. Participants also enjoyed participating in a variety of fun stations including Cowboy Bingo, Panning for Gold, Water Gun Shoot Out, Rope the Steer, Snake in My Boots, Horse Shoes, Standing Jail, etc. All participants received a party favor of commemorative playing cards in a special tin case. Our members and children were also given special prize bags or assorted treats and collectibles. We held a raffle where three winners walked away with either a collection of top chart Country music CDs (valued at $60), a basket of assorted gourmet barbecue sauces (valued at $100), or an autographed basketball donated by the Phoenix Suns (valued at over $400).

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2017 Summer Program

The Summer 2017 theme was Dino Liiife!, with fun activities such as “Dino Talk,” which included learning daily life skills like teamwork, standing up for oneself, and telling the truth to others. The DTS program also participated in exciting outings to the AMC Movie Theatre, Peter Piper Pizza, Brunswick Bowling Alley, Glendale Library visits, water days, and the Children’s Museum of Phoenix! The children participated in a Day-Glow party which involved face painting and glow-inthe- dark games, weekly “Dino Crafts” and “Dino Treats” they actually made themselves, and last but not least, the always favorite “Water Days.” You can see more photos at of the great fun we had celebrating the Mesozoic Era of the world!

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2016 Christmas Party

DEC had its annual DEC Family Christmas on Thursday, December 22nd at the program. It was a HUGE success thanks to staff teaching and working with our clients to sing and sign “Silent Night” for all our guests. Our clients also worked overtime to create some amazing treats. Party goers were able to enjoy delicious red-and-white themed snacks of white chocolate ting-a-lings, a cheese wreath, mini beef sliders, crock-pot cinnamon almonds, and an apple punch! I can still taste the Oreo Santa hats!

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2016 Thanksgiving Potluck

DEC held its annual Thanksgiving potluck on Thursday, November 17th. It was another great success as DEC families and staff all assisted in pulling off this fun and delicious event!

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2016 Pumpkin Fest

On Saturday, October 29th DEC held its second Pumpkin Fest at Pioneer Community Park in Peoria. Clients, families, and friends experienced a fun cake-walk, Poke-A-Pumpkin, Pumpkin Ring Toss, Halloween Bingo, and other assorted pumpkin-fest games. Everyone feasted on the delicious makings of pulled-beef sandwiches and chips with iced tea and lemonade. The final turnout was greater than anyone expected.

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