Support the Dream

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How You Can Help

There are many ways to support DEC! You can volunteer your time, attend one of our events, make a donation of goods or services, or you can make a financial contribution. With only a 14% overhead, 86 cents of every dollar you donate goes directly into our programs and services.

The support of our generous community allows Developmental Enrichment Centers to provide valuable services that bring independence and confidence to the lives of those we serve. There are a number of different ways in which you may choose to support developmental disability services financially: a yearly contribution utilizing the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, monthly support, or participation in special fundraising events. In addition you can take advantage of the Amazon Smile program which donates a percent of total sales back to DEC. You can also support Developmental Enrichment Center just by shopping at Fry’s when you enroll in Fry’s Community Rewards.

We invite you to become a friend and supporter of DEC today by giving a cash, in-kind gift or by volunteering your time.


Ways your donation makes a difference

  • Your generous donation of $25 will provide 4 hours of behavioral and life skills training for a disabled child.
  • Your generous donation of $50 will provide transportation to and from our day program for one week.
  • Your generous donation of $50 will provide 7 hours of adult day treatment and training.
  • Your generous donation of $100 will allow 4 people to participate in Special Olympics weekend activities.
  • Your generous donation of $100 will provide 8 hours of much needed respite service to a family.
  • Your generous donation of $500 will provide 3 days of skilled respite care allowing for a family weekend get-away.